Countdown to Delphique 2020


Delphique 2020 presents an opportunity to the students to be a part of the Panel Discussion on Burning Economics Topics with our esteemed speakers 

Team Delphique invites you to our National Management Convention, the 24th edition of Delphique, which is all the more, bigger and better this year.

We, at Delphique proudly present a panel discussion on the topic “Indian Economy and Financial Sector Post Covid: Steps Taken by the government and way ahead”. The discussion aims to touch upon the impact of COVID 19 on our economy, with the impact on our GDP, fiscal deficits, the unemployment, the inflation and and how the progress has been for the entire financial sector of India. The discussion would further throw light on various programs and policies that government has undertaken so far and what could be further done to ensure a better economic growth and a steady rise in GDP for the country.

For this discussion, we have some of the most prominent personalities from the industry who have been the experts in this field for years. We are honoured to welcome our speakers:

  • Arun Kumar: Ex-Professor JNU, Chair Professor Institute of Social Sciences.
  • Gourav Vallabh: Professor of XLRI, National Spokesperson INC
  • Gurbachan Singh: Professor Indian Statistical Institute
  • Rabi Mishra: Former Executive Director, RBI

The discussion would enable the young B-school students to hear and understand the ideas and thoughts of some of the industry stalwarts and learn from their experience. It is one of the biggest events being organized at MDI with some national level speakers coming in and sharing their rich knowledge and experience.

So, we invite all of you to our panel discussion and hear these imminent personalities speak and go home with some enlightening thoughts and enriching ideas.

Attend this session on 13th December 5PM onwards

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