Countdown to Delphique 2019


Delphique 2015 Launches Analytics Panel in Association with IBM

Overview of Project Scope

1. To make a predictive model to predict the usage of certain product which includes analyzing the emerging demand, demand generation, demand              pattern etc. It can also be based on New Product launch strategy using this data (For this the students will be given Social Media data from the                  company)

2. Another aspect is to merge the social media data with the weather data to see how the weather is influencing the demand of your chosen                              product/service (For this a product governed by weather can be chosen)

Other instructions:

  • The students need to come up with innovative ideas of product/service for which they can use Social Media & Weather Data to do the analysis
  • They will be required to send a write up about their idea and methodology
  • The project will require a mix of students from Marketing, Strategy, IT/Analytics (Good knowledge of SPSS required)
  • The best idea would be selected and the project would be carried forward on that idea