Countdown to Delphique 2020


Delphique 2020 presents an opportunity to the students to be a part of the Marketing Research Panel with CatersPoint

Key Deliverables: 
  1. How has pandemic Covid – 19 affected the food industry?
  2. Challenges faced by restaurants amid the pandemic
  3. An analytical view of the restaurants shut down in India due to Covid-19 and the growth of online delivery food-tech startups
  4. How fast has food delivery taken over the market share of the dine-in restaurants?
  5. Consequences of the new generation lifestyle and its impacts on the food industry?
  6. Changes in consumer preferences in terms of food buying and consumption
  7. Healthy food market share Pre-Covid and Post-Covid? Impact on the healthy food market and the growth of the healthy food market!
  8. Your Feedback on food tech startups and the food market going on changes.