Countdown to Delphique 2019


Delphique presents an opportunity to students to be a part of the Information Technology (IT) Panel with Oracle

Topic: To understand the response of Network Equipment Providers to the changing nature of the Telecom Industry in light of “BIG Data and Analytics”

About the Project: The focus of the project is to understand the changing scenarios in IT – Telecom industry. It will encompass a study of the advent of Big Data and Analytics in the Telecom industry, its effects and the corresponding changes in the industry, strategies and methodology employed by the Network Equipment Providers (Ericsson, Nokia, Ciena, Alcatel Lucent, Motorola, Tellabs) to cope with such changes.

Research Objectives:

  • Understanding of the Traditional state of the Telecom network – Network Elements (i.e. how a call is routed).
  • Role of Softwares/Applications in Telecom Networks.
  • What is Operations Support System/ Business Support System (OSS/ BSS)? Who are the players in the OSS/BSS market?
  • What is Big Data? What is Analytics? How can a Telecom operator monetize data that is being generated in its own networks?
  • How will the Telecom networks look once they are completely Software-defined?