Countdown to Delphique 2019


Topic: Understanding key drivers of online consumer purchase behaviour

Brief and Key Deliverables:

  • A market understanding exercise to identify key drivers for Customers to choose an ecommerce site for Mobile/Electronics purchase
  • Identify the Key decision influencers, trigger points, mediums affecting customer choices & key differentiating factors between various players
  • Highlight differences (demographic, lifestyle, personality etc), if any, for the target group of each site

Points to be considered:

Price, Catalog, UI/UX, Speed of Delivery, Reviews, Educative information (Buying Guides, Price Comparison, Description, Demo – Video), Payment Options, NPS, Peer Feedback, Product Portfolio, Freebies, Social Media Reputation/Presence.


Make a 3 slide PPT explaining the approach you plan to use for this exercise, impact of this exercise, key factors to consider – some or all of the factors mentioned in the attachment plus any extra that can think of (Mention the Name, Roll No., Email and Contact No. of all the team members in the