Countdown to Delphique 2020


Delphique 2020 presents an opportunity to the students to be a part of the Operation Strategy Research Panel with Udaan

Problem Statement: Understand, analyse and benchmark Udaan with its competitors in the B2B e-retail industry
Key Deliverables: 
  1. Identify the changing patterns in the B2B e-commerce space and strategies adopted by key competitors (AJIO, JIOMART, Flipkart Wholesale, Amazon B2B).
  2. Study the e-B&C model adopted by JioMart (by integrating B2B (the supplier side) with the B2C (end customer side)) for offline retailers and the challenge it poses to Udaan.
  3. Identify through a benchmarking framework and gap analysis where improvements can be made in terms of full stack service offerings, product discovery, pricing, returns, customer service, credit, delivery, ease of use of platform, inventory management, customer management, access to working capital etc.) vis-à-vis its competitors.
  4. In-depth understanding of Brand perception of Udaan v/s key B2B players. Key triggers and barriers for online platform adoption in general and choices amongst available platforms in particular.