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Delphique 2015 is proud to launch its HR Research Panel in partnership with Reliance

Topic: HR Best Practices that drive innovation and employee engagement in R&D organizations

About the topic

In R&D Organizations, one of the very important elements is to ensure that the work culture is conducive for bright minds to think out- of- the- box and innovate. The working environment should be such that people are not afraid to make mistakes, as long as they learn and grow from these mistakes. What differentiates a very successful R&D organization from the rest is the quality of their scientists and their ability to work with the utmost freedom and empowerment. HR plays a vital role here to ensure this happens.

The purpose of this project is to identify some of the best HR practices from R&D Organizations which help create such a culture and which results in high level of employee engagement. It is only then that great discoveries can be made in the R&D Laboratories.

It is expected that the students connect with R&D Organizations in India and also do research via the internet and/or literature to identify such best HR Practices from industry. This will provide a good insight as to what are some of the best HR practices which drive successful R&D Organizations.