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Organic Wellness

Organic Wellness manufactures authentic organic products of high quality. It was born as a creative solution with a unique balance sheet that focuses equally on everyone in the chain, starting from the Mother earth, farmers, employees, business associates and consumers.

They work with marginalized farmers in India to bring India’s tradition of over 5000 years blended with modern science. Their ethical business model benefits everyone in the chain starting from Mother earth ( we do not use any chemicals/pesticides), farmers (we pay premium price and take total care of farmers), consumers, employees (best working environment and salary) , associates (ethical business) and above all the planet as a whole. They share 5% of companies profitability with farmers and 5% with employees.

Project Topic

  1. Increase brand awareness for Organic Wellness across social media platforms aimed at improving customer and distributor onboarding
  2. Increase presence of Organic Wellness across E-Commerce platforms