Project Topic:

Project 1
The changing dynamics of the young modern Indian’s relationship with the jewellery category. The appeal of jewellery and jewellery brands and the affinity of young Indians for jewellery have undergone a change (or haven’t they?). Through this project, we aim to understand how they have changed and why, how do young Indian’s perceive jewellery, what creates desire, how do they perceive the different jewellery brands, the need gaps, etc.

Project 2
The new dimensions of ‘creating impressions’ in today’s Indian society. Women said ‘guys’ unique quirks were their sexiest qualities’, leading Axe to come up with their new ‘Find your magic’ proposition for the global market. Similarly, what is creating impressions in the life of young Indian men and women? Physical appearance, knowledge, quirks, sense of humour, progressive thinking or something else? Or all of them? This project is a cultural analysis of different elements like popular culture, social media, personality development tools etc. to understand what is ‘creating impressions’ today.