Countdown to Delphique 2019


About 32Checks

32Checks is a company that refurbishes and renews used smart phones (minimum 1-day old) and sells them at a cheaper price with at least 6-month guarantee. The business is driven by the need to reduce e-waste by recycling and reusing the old phones instead of disposing those off. 32Checks aims to tap the promising second hand phone market and has collaborations with Amazon (Amazon renewed program) and Flipkart’s 2Gud. 32Checks has a stringent method of performing 32 – Checks on the phones received before refurbishing those. Once refurbished, the phones are then sold through Amazon and/or Flipkart 2Gud.

Project Topic

  1. Research on ‘How to build and increase trust towards renewed/ refurbished devices?’
  2. How to build trust factor, what can the company do, how can 32Checks really build trust and remove the apprehension from the customer’s point of view towards refurbished and renewed smart phones?