Countdown to Delphique 2019


Delphique 2017 presents an opportunity to the students to be a part of the Finance Research Panel with EY



The topics for the 3 Live Projects are as follows:

1) Alternative funding methods in corporate and retail sector globally
• Comparison of risks for institutions in bank financing vs NBFC financing
• Retail lending: payday loans in U.S.A vs MFI (microfinance institution) loans in India and any other non-bank retail funding methods
• Growth and Performance of NBFCs/NBFIs across the world
• Important takeaways to improve the twin balance sheet problem in India
• Emergence of corporate bond market post the 2008 financial crisis

2) Retail investor’s participation in equity markets globally and the significant growth of Mutual Funds’  asset under management in India
• Participation of Retail investors in equity markets across major economies
• Identifying trends in Shareholding pattern of companies across various countries and their impact on retail investor’s participation in equity markets
• Growth of Mutual Funds in major economies and their aid in increasing retail investor’s participation in equity markets
• Improvement in corporate governance practices and reporting standards in major economies
• Analysis of Major stock market crashes that hurt retail investors’ sentiments

3) Is Cryptocurrency a new asset class? Challenges in acceptance of cryptocurrency as a legal tender (payment method) globally
• Emergence of cryptocurrency and the surge in its value
• How should cryptocurrency be regulated
• Pegging cryptocurrency against different currencies of the world: fixed vs floating rate
• Cryptocurrency is an asset but what is the underlying?
• Can cryptocurrency help remove borders in international trade?
• Analysis of the acceptance of bitcoin as a legal tender in Japan
• Economics of Initial Coin Offerings
• Adoption of cryptocurrencies in hyperinflating economies
• Possible scams/crisis/risks in the financial world because of an unregulated currency