A National Level B-school Debate.

To all the assertive, articulate and opinionated orators, Delphique 2018 brings to you Dialectic, a debate amongst the best of speakers from B-schools across the country.
Pull up your sleeves, sharpen your ripostes and jostle for cash prizes worth Rs. 50,000.

Additional information:
The Debate consists of three rounds. Details and rules of each round are as follows:

1. A team should consist of 2 members, no more and no less
2. An audio/video file should be submitted, with each member speaking for 1.5 minutes. The size of the file should not exceed 20 MB
3. One member of the team would lay down perspectives and build cases upon the topic, the second member would whip the point laid down by the first member (2 member British parliamentary style)
4. The topics would be informed via Email upon registration

Shortlisted teams will be participating in the semi-final round that will be held on 2-4 November at the MDI, Gurgaon Campus.
1.The semi-final will be of two – on – two debate format
2. Lottery system will be used to decide the topic as well as the motion of arguments of each team.
3. Topics will be decided 2 hours prior to the beginning of the round
4. One member from each team has to present the opening statement for their respective motion of the topic for a duration of 4 minutes
5. The second member has to present the closing statement of duration 3 minutes
6. The teams will then face the judges’ Q&A which would be evaluative